Friday, November 16, 2012

Update to NASA's Consolidated Acquisition Forecast

Last year, NASA Procurement introduced an incredible new tool for small businesses, the Consolidated Acquisition Forecast. This powerful Excel spreadsheet took forecasts from each of NASA’s center and put them in one place so that both small and large businesses had a quick, easy and useful way to see upcoming acquisitions at NASA. I’m happy to say that this forecast has quickly become an industry best practice and is only getting better with recent improvements.

Those familiar with the forecast will quickly notice some of the improvements that have been made. These changes stem from suggestions from the Small Business Council and NASA Vendor Database users. Updates include:
·      Updated information as of April 2012
·      A list of expiring contracts to help Centers identify requirements
·      Expanded “Acquisitions by Value” levels for more cost specificity
·      Updated chart formats for usability
·      Removal of the Product Service Codes (PSC)

The Acquistion Forecast can always be found at or NASA's Office of Procurement and OSBP websites. We’re always looking to improve on ways to reach small businesses. The Acquisition forecast is a great way to view upcoming procurements, but if you have a suggestion on how we can make it even better, feel free to comment. 

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