Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NASA Administrator Honored the AFRC FY13 SBAA Winners

Each year, NASA and the NASA Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) recognizes outstanding efforts in developing and implementing innovative practices in support of the Agency’s small business program with the NASA Small Business Advocates Awards.

I was honored to be on site at Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) yesterday with Administrator Bolden to acknowledge and celebrate of Fiscal Year 2013 Small Business Advocate Award winners at the official AFRC Renaming Ceremony.

On behalf of the entire NASA OSBP, a sincere congratulations to our latest winners:

Procurement Person of the Year
Ra-Deon L. Kirkland
Glenn Research Center

Technical Person of the Year
Mary Fran Risinger
Langley Research Center

2013 Small Business Specialist of the Year
Robert Medina
 Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator and I are on either side of him.

2013 Small Business Specialist of the Year Robert Medina's Family
Pictured are Julie Medina, Joey Medina, Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, Julia Medina, Robert Medina, NASA AFRC Small Business Specialist and I.

NASA AFRC received the “FY2013 NASA Small Business Prime Socioeconomic Goal Achievement” recognition
for exceeding all of is small business goals.
Pictured below in the middle is David D. McBride, NASA AFRC Center Director
and on the left is Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator.

FY13 Program Team of the Year
Flight Opportunities Program Team

Pictured are Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator; Laguduva R. Kubendran, NASA HQ Space Technology Mission Directorate,  Flight Opportunities Program Executive; Ron Young, Flight Opportunities Program Manager; Christopher Baker, Flight Opportunities Campaign Manager; Joel Lozano, Flight Opportunities Contract Specialist; Charles Rogers, NASA Armstrong’s,  Acting Director of  Exploration and Space Technology Programs; David D. McBride, NASA Armstrong Center Director; and I.

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator graciously took a selfie with Julia Medina, which turned out great!

I also had a chance to network with some AFRC personnel.
Pictured are Daniela Cruzado, Megan Ermilio, Simone Jackson and Tameka Williams

Overall it was a rewarding trip. Thank you AFRC!

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