Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Updated Acquisition Forecast

At every opportunity with small businesses, I emphasize one of NASA’s best practices, the Consolidated Acquisition Forecast. We are excited to announce that, as of September 2013, the forecast has undergone an update with valuable new information.

I discussed at length during the last format update what was included in this powerful tool. For those unaware, it is NASA policy to put together a forecast of expected contracting opportunities for each fiscal year. This forecast is updated semiannually. We have taken advantage of Microsoft Excel’s pivot table feature to make this quick and easy to use tool for large and small businesses alike to plan ahead for procurement opportunities. 

As I’ve said before, the Acquisition Forecast can always be found at or NASA's Office of Procurement and OSBP websites. We’re always looking to improve on ways to reach small businesses. The Acquisition forecast is a great way to view upcoming procurements, but if you have a suggestion on how we can make it even better, feel free to comment. 

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